Student Council (SRC)

At Sturt Street Community School, we value the voice of our student body and recognise the importance that students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions relating to the growth and development of the school, its policies and pedagogies.

The role of Student Representative Council at Sturt Street Community School is to promote the interests of the school through the active participation of the students’ involvement in the decision making of the day to day functions of the school community working with peers, staff, management and Governing Council.

Each year students from Year 6 can apply to become Student Ambassadors who represent the school throughout the year at official functions and events.

Each class from Years R to 6 have representatives on the Sturt Street Community School SRC committee. The Year 6 student leaders chair the meetings, take minutes, and arrange for the distribution of minutes to classes. Class representatives bring items to SRC that have been discussed in class meetings.