Physical Education

At Sturt Street Community School, we strive to promote the benefits of living a healthy and active life, in and out of school. Due to our highly engaged and active staff members, student participation in sporting activities is very strong at SSCS. Students of all year levels take part in regular fitness and skill activities.

Studies in health education and physical education provide students with a balance of knowledge, processes and skills which equip them for independent living based on informed decisions.

Students so equipped are able to promote and protect their own and others’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

A dedicated PE lesson with a specialist PE teacher concentrates on skill based learning across a variety of sports. Our older students may participate in SAPSASA sport trials and younger students can participate in after school and weekend Life Be In It sports teams where parent interest is sufficient to form a team.

Throughout the year our OSHC program participates in the Sporting Schools program, which is a national initiative provided by the Australian Government that provides students access to sport and other structured physical activity programs after school.

The school runs a specialist programme for Reception to Year 7.  All students are involved in a daily fitness program, Premier’s Be Active Challenge and participate weekly in whole school physical activities.

All aspects of PE are programmed to be inclusive of gender, race and culture and are designed to promote healthy and active living and encourage the values of:

Getting along – through fair play

Emotional resilience – through being a good sport whether winning or losing

Organisation – through getting organised to play games

Confidence – through participating in different activities

Persistence – through keeping on trying to succeed in different activities