Learning Greek

Modern Greek is taught to all school students at Sturt Street Community School, for one or two lessons per week.

Our specialist Greek teachers also focus on supporting and extending Greek background students.

Greek History

Greek is one of the oldest languages of Western Civilisation and was part of academic education in many western countries until the 19th century, along with Latin. It still forms the basis of much scientific language in English, as well as other major areas of thought either created or innovated by the Ancient Greeks, such as theatre, architecture, philosophy, politics, history, geography and many more.

In addition, it is one of the major languages in the history of Sturt Street Community School’s community, as many post-war migrants settled in the inner city and concentrated around cosmopolitan areas such as the Central Market, and the Greek Orthodox Community Church in Franklin Street.

The Greek Orthodox Community of SA helped reopen the school when it was closed by the Liberal State Government in 1996 and have a representative on the School’s Governing Council.